The funds listed below accept online donations. If you have any questions or would like information about donating to our other funds, please contact us at 303-469-7208 or by email at

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Fund Name Description
Legacy Fund
Legacy Fund The Legacy Fund is the Foundation's main endowment fund. It was started by a challenge from Jack TerHar, Jr. in 1999. He was joined by Wells Fargo, Vectra, Aerosuds and Shirron, Inc. in asking the community to meet a match in order to eventually raise $1,000,000. That goal was achieved in 2013 and beginning in 2014, we have been able to use 4% of the earnings annually to give additional grants.
Partners in Philanthropy Fund
Partners in Philanthropy Since the beginning of the Foundation, grants from this general operating fund have been distributed to over 100 non-profits that help people in Broomfield. For operating expenses, the Foundation Board and Staff work hard to keep costs at a minimum.
Community Impact Fund Used in our competitive grantmaking process, the Community Impact Fund is designed to meet the greatest, most pressing needs in Broomfield. iGIVE365 donations fall into this fund.
Other Funds